2012 Litters

SACRAMENTO - German Shorthaired Pointers


Some pictures of our 2012 Puppies are on the site so you can see the excellent consistency and quality of the puppies we always strive to produce. We are proud of our reputation in the dog world as breeders of merit.




CH./Intl. BIS. CH. Winter Creek's My Fair lady, JH. & CH. Winter Creek's Pretty Boy Floyd, JH.



The Boys of Summer  (Congrats to "Our Team" on the great showing at the National All Star Shut Out July 10th Game. To have 4 of our team put on the runs YEAH... Go Giants!)

This was a simply wonderful litter, thanks to everyone who purchased them.

We had our own "extra special" in/out field Giants team!

Born June 1st,2011

 Quote from the front office, Managing Partner, Pam Brann of Winter Creek, "the boys first week of June went as expected. Mom Bling is handling the groceries for the team and medical (tails & dew claws) has been accomplished by the staff. The boys are all putting on weight and some are starting to darken up. The exercise regime of crawling onto the puppy pile is on-going.

Week 2: The "Perfect" team is thriving! Eyes and ears have started to opem. The trainer is having some difficulty in toe nail trimming, as the guys are powerful! They have learned the "scootch" crawl already and are on the move! Some have found their voices and we have barks ESPECIALLY AT MEAL TIME!Meet...Winter Creek's All Star Perfecto-Cain, All Star Gold Glove-Lucky, All Star MVP-Riley, In The Squat-Buster, Hunter In The Field-Bo, Happy-Tres All Star-Happy & All Star Player, Champ. 

    Week 3 -The Whole Family and Dad Babysitting!


Week 4: is the 1st "travel week" for the team. During the day and to enjoy our wonderful weather, they have been moved to the outside larger area for more exercise. Their training schedule included worming and solid food training and the "ever popular" toe nail trimming. Some of them complained that they didn't like the outdoor change but management prevailed!


Produced by.....

"ACE" Field Champion, American Field Champion

FC/Am. FC. Winter Creek's Ace in the Hole, JH

2011 #2 GSPCA All Age Trial Dog & #1 Northwest Circuit


"BLING" CH./Intl. CH. Winter Creek's Cha Ching, JH



Bling has show breeding on her dam's side and is field bred through her sire.